Support RAL

RAL seeks funding for Amateur Radio programs in technology, education and public service from persons, corporations and foundations that share RAL's mission and interests.

Ways to support RAL

Here are many ways for you to support RAL and Amateur Radio in Lebanon

RAL Activities
Due to the increase cost of travel, and in order for RAL to be represented at the various Amateur Radio related conferences and Key events, fund/sponsorships are required to support such activities.

RAL Headquarters
RAL headquarter will serve as the main showcase of Amateur Radio and will host RAL archives and inventory. The headquarters will provide meeting space and training area for Amateur Radio enthusiasts. To date, RAL does not have a headquarter. You can support the establishment of a RAL headquarters through different type of donations: Location (Short term rent or property), Furniture, financial support etc…

Gifts of Radio Equipment  
Amateur Radio related equipment will be used in public service, demonstrations, DX-peditions and to get newcomers with on-the-air experience.  You can donate new or used equipment to RAL that can be used in Amateur Radio programs and networks. RAL is also collecting vintage Radios to be used for the “RAL Amateur Radio Museum” displaying the evolution of communications equipment.

The families of Silent Keys often contact RAL with a wish to contribute Amateur Radio equipment. RAL prefers that equipment be sold and the proceeds be contributed to RAL. Proceeds may be designated to a specific RAL program or fund. Donors may contact RAL or Amateur Radio equipment stores that may sell the equipment on consignment.


RAL Library

RAL is building a reference library containing Amateur Radio reference materials, CDs/DVDs, Handbooks, Training Materials, Technical books, Magazines etc…. you can either donate any of the related material or support financially this fund.


Benefiting Others Through Your Will 
You may designate a monetary amount, a percentage or the residual of your estate be donated to RAL. You may elect to direct your donation to a particular fund or funds in the RAL donation. Please consult your attorney to customize your will for gifts of securities, real estate, life insurance or other appreciated property.


Gifts of Real Estate

You may choose to donate a gift of real estate to the RAL. It may be land, an apartment, or other primary residence. Such a gift should be valued by an independent appraiser of your choice, inspected and should be free of any lien or mortgage. Real estate may be used to fund a trust or may be donated with the stipulation that you may live in the home for life, after which the property reverts to the RAL. In general, donations of real estate will be liquidated and the proceeds of a sale will be added to the RAL donations.


Gifts of Appreciated Property

Gifts of appreciated property such as art, jewelry, boats, automobiles etc. may be accepted by RAL. Valuation of such property is the responsibility of the donor. Appreciated property may be used to fund a trust.


Monetary fund


For more information please contact any of the RAL Executive committee members.

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