A message of Peace from Lebanon through Amateur Radio

His Excellency Minister Nicolas Sehnaoui (Former Lebanon Telecom Minister) @NicolaSehnaoui have lit the Amateur Radio Airwaves today transmitting messages of Peace and Unity to the world. Unite and fulfill your own destinies in peace and prosperity so all countries of the earth can trade and exchange cultures and values for the betterment of the human race.
His Excellency, along with Lebanese Army and Lebanese Hams (OD5RW – John and and OD5LN – General Naim) set up an Amateur Radio Station on top of Mount Lebanon, Shabrouh Summit 1915 m ASL and communicated with Amateur Radio Stations on the air.
A great opportunity to have Minister Sehanoui on the Amateur Bands and for the hams to interact with him. 
Watch recorded contacts with A65CF - Abdullah (Video 1 , Video 2) and OD5VN - Riemer
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