Amateur Radio examination sessions are administered by the Ministry of Telecommunications through ‎a committee that includes representatives from the Ministry of Defense- Intelligence Unit and Ministry ‎of Transport-Civil aviation and are offered in English and French.‎

The examination session will be publicly announced in the local papers and radios 30 days in advance. ‎

In accordance with decree 12255 dated 2 April 1969, each applicant must be at least at least 18 years of ‎age, of Lebanese origin or a foreign national resident in Lebanon and must pass a Telephony operator ‎Element (a) before passing the Telegraphy operator Element (b) examination for a new amateur ‎operator license grant. The candidate will go through an interview with a committee before taking the ‎written and practical tests.‎

Below are the elements details:‎

‎                              (a) Telephony operator (Written and Practical Examination)‎
                              ‎(b) Telegraphy operator (Telegraphy examination)‎

‎(a) A written examination must be such as to prove that the examinee possesses the operational and ‎technical qualifications required to perform properly the duties of an amateur service licensee. Each ‎written examination must be comprised of 20 multiple choice questions concerning the privileges of a ‎Telephony Class operator license. The minimum passing score is 60% questions answered correctly.‎

The practical examination part simulates a typical Amateur Radio contact.‎

‎(b) A telegraphy examination (Optional) must be sufficient to prove that the examinee has the ability to ‎send and receive correctly texts in the international Morse code at not less than 5 words per minute, ‎using all the letters of the alphabet, numerals 0-9, period, comma, question mark, slant mark and ‎prosigns AR, BT and SK.  A telegraphy message will be played on audio tape. 20 multiple choice ‎questions concerning the played message will be given. The minimum passing score is 75% questions ‎answered correctly.‎

You can apply for an Amateur Radio License at:‎

Ministry of Telecommunications ‎
‎1st Floor‎
Riad Al Solh (Banks) Street, Beirut Central District‎
Beirut, Lebanon

Tel: +961 1 979 137‎
Fax: +961 1 979 120‎
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Lebanese applicants:‎ (Click to Donwload Application)
‎-‎ Complete Amateur Radio exam application
‎-‎ Certified copy of Lebanese national ID
‎-‎ ‎2 certified passport pictures
- Must be 18 years old.

Foreign Residents applicants:‎ (Click to Donwload Application)
‎-‎ Complete Amateur Radio exam application
‎-‎ Document from Embassy confirming applicant’s nationality, and certified from the ‎Ministry of Foreign Affairs.‎
‎-‎ Confirmation of residency in Lebanon from the Ministry of Interior – General Security ‎Forces.‎
‎-‎ ‎2 certified passport pictures

All applications are due at the latest, 1 week prior to the examination session date.‎

Amateur Radio Examination Fee is 5,000 L.L in accordance with decree 377 dated September 15, ‎‎1989. ‎

Candidates can study regulations and radio theory, either through coursework offered by RAL or as an ‎independent student.‎

Front Cover 

Download the RAL Amateur Radio Exam Preparation Guide and get ready for the exam. More resources are found here.

Once a candidate passes the examination, an application for a station license is filed. Once granted a ‎callsign is assigned by the Ministry of Telecommunications.‎

Reciprocal Licenses/Visitors & Temporary Operation in Lebanon:

Lebanon does not currently have a reciprocal agreement with any country. Reciprocal and temporary licenses are offered in Lebanon by the Ministry of Telecommunications on a case by case basis. If you are planning to visit Lebanon, take into consideration that the OD5 temporary license takes around 2 months to process. For more information contact RAL.

Click to Download the Reciprocal License Application for Lebanese National
Click to Download the Reciprocal License Application for Non-Lebanese National resident in Lebanon




Download “Hamsphere” and talk on the radio in a simulated environment.

The founder of DxTuners has created an artificial radio world based on the same natural laws of shortwave radio propagation. Skip, fading, QRM, QRN, multipath phase effects etc. are all factors and rules in this simulation. The system follows the ionospheric laws of radio wave deflection, but the rules can be bent - just a little. Any operator can use this system, licensed or not. (There is no RF emitted on a real shortwave band).

The Radio Kitchen:

"Long Live short-wave" is a cassette produced in 1979 by British pop music producer (and shortwave radio fan) Mitch Murray.   it contains a lot of information on shortwave listening on side one and really not much is out of date. The science remains the same. Antenna information and propagation science are explained briefly. In fact, side one is really dedicated more toward the shortwave hobbyist rather than the casual listener. Side one ends with longtime BBC personality, Henry Hatch, who had been DXing since the hobby really began. He offers a charming DX pep talk and some good advice for the hobbyist. I like the way he emphasizes on how weak the signals are after traveling around the world and how they need the utmost care and attention upon arrival. Makes you wanna warm some milk for the poor things.

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